Why Membership?

Your participation helps the Pierce Results System continue to innovate, inspire and educate those in the profession to provide the best spinal analysis and subluxation-based, results-driven chiropractic care available. Membership dues make it possible to continue to grow the system and the provided benefits, as well as increase the support available to our members, new doctors, and chiropractic students. Your support of the Pierce Results System Foundation is extremely import in furthering its mission – and for that, we thank you!

Membership Investment

Only $50 per month

Membership covers the entire office – whether a solo practitioners or multi-doctor practice.

Membership Benefits

Your annual membership includes the following benefits. Please know that our goal as an organization is to continue to expand this list. And we look forward to doing that together!

  • Discounted Registration Fee for Seminars (CE credit not included) for all doctors  and students in your practice. (Doctors pay the regular student price – a 60% savings and students are complimentary)
  • Access to current and past seminar recordings
  • Online account access to our ever expanding members-only website with educational, reference, and business building materials specific for PRS
  • Access to PRS Secret Facebook Group with Mentorship from Master Level PRS Docs and more detailed clinical discussion
  • Directory Listing under “Find a PRS Doctor” on this website
  • Virtual Masterminds (via Zoom) where no questions are off limits and we work to find the answers you need – together!
  • Connection to mentor/mentee opportunities and PEAK/Clinical experiences

More Benefits will continue to be added as Membership grows! Stay Tuned! Is there a benefit you would like to see added? Please contact us and let us know!


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