Student Immersion Experience

Friday, Nov 18th – Saturday, Nov 19th

Vital Life Chiropractic: 865 Thornton Rd, Lithia Springs, GA 30122

Are you interested in elevating your clinical knowledge? Do you want to know more about the technology that sets this System apart from other approaches to spinal analysis? Are you searching for the more efficient way to locate, analyze and correct subluxation? Are you wondering if a results-driven practice is in your future?

Come to the Student Immersion Experience November 18th-19th to learn more about the Pierce Results System of Spinal Analysis. Spend time with Dr. Dan as he discusses the basics of the System, demonstrates the specific analysis and correction techniques he utilizes daily in his practice, and answers your questions during hands-on sessions. Find out how the Pierce Results System can help you build the practice of yours dreams by providing your patients with the lasting results that they deserve.